2018 Publications, Videos, and Presentations

2018 Event Program 

Slides: Framing the Day:  Zooming in on Health in Northern Colorado

Video: Health Care 2018: Welcome & Framing the Day

Slides: Health Policy Outlook

Video: Health Care 2018: Keynote

Slides: Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership Update

Video: Health Care 2018: NoCo Health Sector Partnership Update

Video: Sector Partnerships

Slides: Moving Towards a Culture of Wellbeing in the Workplace

Slides: Technology and Healthcare

Slides: Health Care and Seniors

Slides: Food Insecurity:  Social Determinants of Health

Slides: Behavioral Health:  Social Determinants of Health

Video: Health Care 2018: Social Determinants

2017 Publications, Videos, and Presentations

BizWest Health Care In Your Future 2017 Publication 

2017 Program

Video:  Welcome and Keynote
Robert Laszewski, Health Policy and Strategy Associates – Part 1

Video:  Welcome and Keynote, Robert Laszewski – Part 2

Video:  Health Care in Northern Colorado

Video:  TogetherWorks:  The Power of Partnership
Dr. Elizabeth Kraft, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Slides: TogetherWorks

Video:  Colorado Health Care Coalition
Michele Ames, Michele Ames Consulting

Slides: Colorado Health Care Coalition

Video:  Innovation in Health Care
Dr. Austin Bailey, UCHealth

Slides: Innovation in Health Care

Video:  Population Health
Margo Karsten, Banner Health

Slides: Population Health

Video:  Finally…Post Acute Care is Cinderella
Yvonne Myers, Columbine Health Systems

Slides: Post Acute Care

Talent 2.0 Resources

2016 Publications, Videos, and Presentations

BizWest Health Care In Your Future 2016 Publication 

Updated 2016 Program

Video:  Welcome and Keynote, Jared Landis – Part 1

Video:  Welcome and Keynote, Jared Landis – Part 2

Slides:  Jared Landis The Advisory Board Company

Video:  Health Care in Northern Colorado

Video:  Laughaceuticals

Slides: Laughaceuticals

Video:  Improving Lives

Slides: Improving Lives

Video:  Amendment 69

Slides: ColoradoCare Yes on 69

Slides: Coloradoans for Coloradoans No on 69

2015 Videos and Presentations

Welcome and Keynote, Dr. John Hensing

The Changing Physical Landscape of Healthcare in Northern Colorado 

Driving Innovation in Healthcare in Our Region

Healthcare in the U.S. – A Bird’s Eye View

2014 Presentation Resources

Supplemental Publication from BizWest Media 2014

From ASAE Center for Association Leadership:  Five Questions to Ask About Your Healthcare

From the Wall Street Journal:  ObamaCare’s Faux Federalism

F&P Health Care Reform Small Business Overview 11_2012

Keynote Speaker Slides

2014 Videos and Presentations